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Thoughts on LOST–“Sundown”

Posted by Andrew Zercie on March 4, 2010

He's a bad, bad man?

This week’s episode of LOST, titled “Sundown,” gave viewers much to think about. We learn why Dogen came to the Island, but we don’t know how long he has been there. We learn about Sayid’s off-Island “reality,” but are left wondering what kind of person he is in the end. There are lots of ideas to delve into, so dive in with me, won’t you?

Recurring themes revisited:

–Before Nadia answered the door, Sayid’s reflection can be seen in the small window to the side of the door. We’ve seen this before, as Jack, Locke, and Kate all look at themselves in a mirror at some point during our glimpses into their other realities. As the other characters look in mirrors, they seem to be seeking answers, or seem to be recalling information or inaccuracies, or searching for…something.

Of course, Sayid is not looking at himself in a mirror. He seems unaware of his reflection. That doesn’t mean Sayid knows exactly what is in store for himself, but perhaps, by not looking at the reflection, Sayid already knows what his true nature is, and doesn’t question that.

–The other characters, in both “realities,” are seeking answers, looking for something. Sayid is also seeking answers, mostly in his “reality” on the Island.

In his storyline, both realities show him torn between choices. On the Island, he must choose between Dogen and Locke/Smokey. Off the Island, he must choose between good, redemption-seeking Sayid, and bad, vengance-taking Sayid. In both instances, Sayid goes with the “dark” side.

While Dogen refers to Locke/Smokey as “evil, incarnate,” the motives of that character are not 100% evil. Sayid intended to kill Locke/Smokey, doing Dogen’s bidding. When that failed, and L/S didn’t kill Sayid, Sayid felt a connection with L/S. I don’t believe L/S can bring Nadia back from the dead, which is what Sayid would want, but perhaps L/S can bring Sayid to Nadia by killing him. It wouldn’t be exactly what Sayid bargained for, but it gives new meaning to Desmond’s signature line, “See you in another life, brotha.”

Off the Island, “bad” Sayid kills Keamy after Keamy seemingly surrenders. But Keamy is a menacing gangster. How does Sayid know for sure that Keamy will follow through on his promise to leave Omar and Nadia and their children alone? Sayid takes matters into his own hands and kills Keamy, but was it because Sayid is bad, or because he couldn’t trust Keamy? Likewise, does Sayid kill Dogen because he’s “infected” and has gone bad, or because Sayid can’t trust Dogen?

Personally, I’d like Sayid to be neutral to all the good/evil shenanigans on the Island. His unclear motives, and his willingness to do “good,” make me believe that, like Luke Skywalker once believed of Darth Vader, there is still good in him.

New developments

–Kate, number 51 in Jacob’s playbook, emerged from The Temple unharmed, and seemingly set to join Team Locke. As Locke/Smokey saw her coming out with Sayid and Claire, he looked perplexed. Was he surprised to see her alive? Surprised to see her joining his side of the coming fight?

By the same token, Kate didn’t look like herself either. Perhaps it was her close brush with the Monster. Then again, it could have just been Kate surveying the landscape and wondering to herself, “What am I getting myself into?”

–Claire learns from Kate that she did indeed take Aaron off the Island. My feeling is that, once Kate explains to Claire that Aaron is with Claire’s mother, Claire’s original feelings about wanting to kill Kate will subside. If that winds up happening, perhaps both Claire and Kate could wreak havoc on L/S’s plan, whatever that may be.

–We got our answer from last week regarding what was going to The Temple: Locke/Smokey.

–Ben was genuinely afraid of Sayid when they ran into each other in The Temple. What are the chances that, upon seeing Sayid near the waters that may have brought new life to young Ben back in the 1970s, Ben realized that Sayid was the man who shot him?

–According to Miles, Sayid was dead for two hours. Yet, when trying to get to know how Sayid died in the season premiere, Miles couldn’t get a read on him. Was Miles telling the truth to Sayid, or was he lying to get him to work with Dogen?

–Speaking of Miles, his admission that he thought Claire was still hot was the funniest moment of the show this week.

–Before Locke/Smokey had Sayid deliver his message to the Temple Folk, we were given a steady visual diet of women and children to depict those living inside the safety of The Temple.

After the Surviving Temple Folk were seen again with Locke/Smokey, we saw people with rifles who looked grubby. The only women we saw were Claire and Kate. This seemed deliberate to me.

–Sayid pumps lead into Keamy and his men, but spares Jin. It’s a longshot, but I wonder if Sayid’s employer and Jin’s employer are connected, perhaps even the same person.

–Ilana grows more mysterious by the week. She quietly scooped up Jacob’s ashes. She forcefully steered Sun, Lapidus, and Ben to a safe haven while the Monster tore its way through The Temple. She knows a lot more than just the answer to the question, “Who lies in the shadow of The Statue?”  Hopefully, we will learn more about Ilana’s background. For her to know so much, and for us to know so little about her, is something I hope the LOST powers-that-be rectify soon.

–Richard Alpert, who told Sawyer he was headed to The Temple two episodes ago, was nowhere to be seen. I wonder what happened to him. My guess is that there was another location he needed to get to first. Perhaps he winds up somewhere on Jack and Hurley’s path back to The Temple.

–Speaking of Sawyer, where was he? Jin too, for that matter?

–Some people have wondered what Claire’s status is. Dead? Alive? Nuts? Cold and calculated?

The fact that she swung a pretty mean axe in the last episode makes me believe she is still alive. We’ve yet to see a dead entity (thinking of Locke and Christian specifically) be able to pick things up or take action of any kind; they usually manipulate others to do their “dirty work.”

Of course, the next question is about her mental state. At first, Claire seemed to be crazy. She was alone, she created a baby to replace the loss of Aaron, and to help her mentally survive in the wild of the Island. However, the reintroduction of people like Jin and Kate may ground her and bring her back to reality. If Kate is given the opportunity to explain her motive for bringing Aaron off the Island, the hold that Locke/Smokey has over her could break.

And if Kate can break the spell over Claire, perhaps it will be the beginning of the end of L/S’s quest, whatever that may be.

That’s all for this week. Maybe I’ll write less for next week’s episode, titled, “Dr. Linus.” Dr. Linus? Gee, wonder who that one will be centered on…


One Response to “Thoughts on LOST–“Sundown””

  1. Diane said

    Bizare as it may seem, I sort of feel sorry for ‘Benry’, ( still like that name for him) he seems so vulnerable and pitiful. However, not to be fooled, he will soon return to being ‘ben’ the control freak. And is good

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