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    • A little bummed that the closest TotD show for me is at MSG on a Monday night. Perhaps high demand will lead to a larger tour. 3 days ago
    • By the way, I've been wishing for Temple of the Dog to play shows for 25 yrs. The fact that it's actually happening? I'm floored. 3 days ago
    • Third Eye Blind in the news and Temple of the Dog going on mini-tour. We sure it's still 2016? 3 days ago
    • @elampz Great show. Never cried myself. I save the waterworks for real tearjerkers. Up. Toy Story 3. You get the idea. 1 week ago
    • @mikeaxisa More than anything, the lack of quality at-bats up and down the lineup has been a killer all season for the #Yankees. 1 week ago
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Week 15: Thursday Night Pick

Posted by Andrew Zercie on December 17, 2009

As Mark McGwire deftly said to Congress a few years back…I’m not here to talk about the past. Referring to last week and my horrendous picks as “the past,” I have moved on. I’ll post the rest of the weekend’s game tonight or tomorrow. As for now, here’s the pick for tonight’s game.

Jacksonville (+3) over Indianapolis

The Colts have won 22 straight regular season games, are 13-0 this season, and have clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. What, exactly, do they have to play for? Sure the starters will play in this game, but finishing 16-0 isn’t a stated goal of the organization. The Colts aim to win the Super Bowl. If players get nicked up during this game, the Colts won’t risk blowing their shot at a title just to have them return in this game to help preserve an undefeated season.

With that in mind, the Jaguars are the pick here. Jacksonville is in a tight race for a wildcard berth. They’re at home, their stadium is sold out for the first time this season, and they should be hungry and motivated to earn a win tonight to strengthen their chances to reach the playoffs.

Jaguars 20, Colts 17

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