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Quickly on Michael Jackson

Posted by Andrew Zercie on July 8, 2009

I wasn’t going to write anything about Michael Jackson, but the longer his passing has lasted in the news, the more I’ve felt like I should put something up here, just in case one or two of his legions of fans happen to read the blog.

thriller-michael-jacksonAs the days have worn on, it seems as though the media is glossing over the accusations levied against Jackson for child molestation and other sordid activities. To me, what he did to those children and their families far overshadows his music career.

It doesn’t help that the recent coverage has been centered on celebrity reactions, rememberances from fans, etc.

Has any media outlet interviewed one of the families that Jackson settled with outside of court to get their reaction?

It’s a shame he died young. It’s also a shame that the last 15 years of his life were spent dodging claims, giving families hush money, and living his life in seclusion because of increasingly strange behavior, addiction to drugs, and various undisclosed health problems.

“Off the Wall” and ‘Thriller” were landmark albums. I listen to the “Jackson 5 Christmas Album” every December. The guy was sensational when he was young, but I lost a lot of respect for him as the “stuff” overshadowed the music.


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