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70 Years Ago Today…

Posted by Andrew Zercie on July 4, 2009

…Lou Gehrig spoke in front of a sold-out Yankee Stadium, giving his famous, 277-word “Farewell Speech.” For a professional sports team steeped in historic moments, Gehrig’s speech stands out above all the rest.


For someone who knew he was going to die, to stand in front of his teammates and say that he was “the luckiest man on the face of the earth,” takes a lot of courage, and takes a special individual. Gehrig was exactly that.

I’ve attached a link to the Official Lou Gehrig Website that has the full text of the speech. Lots of people know the famous video clip, but few know how many people Gehrig thanked and praised in his speech, deflecting as much attention from himself as possible.

On this Fourth of July, here’s to a great American, and a great country.


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