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Reviewing LOST Predictions, Look Ahead to Season Six

Posted by Andrew Zercie on May 20, 2009

So, if you read the blog last week, I posted my predictions on what would happen on the season five finale of LOST. Here’s a review of how I did, along with some predictions for season six, the final season for this great show.

1) Whatever happened, happens, because Destiny Calls

With about 20 minutes left in the show last Wednesday, Miles wondered aloud to Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley and Jin if Jack’s mission to detonate the hydrogen bomb at the Swan Station work site was indeed the famous Incident. Turns out, the thought never crossed the characters’ minds.

It crossed my mind, which is why I made this prediction.

As the screen went to white, the fates of everyone on The Island still hung in the balance, a great cliff-hanger to ponder until the show returns next winter.

Until some secrets about the sixth season are revealed, I think my prediction about this still holds water. We’ll see. My gut feeling is that the bomb was supposed to go off, and that the Oceanic survivors on the Island in the 1970s were supposed to be transported back to their previous lives with knowledge of what happend in the 1970s intact.

2) Desmond will return and set things right, by dying.

Desmond was nowhere to be seen. I swung and missed pretty badly here.

Desmond is far and away my favorite character, so I think I made this prediction hoping he’d save the day. Instead, it was Juliet, who is supposedly headlining another show for ABC next season, a remake of “V.” Hopefully, there is still a place for her on LOST as well.

3) Jacob was a man, and is now a spirit. A spirit that will inhabit the body of John Locke.

I was partially right. A spirit is inhabiting the body of John Locke now, and has been for some time apparently. 

I thought Jacob’s spirit had given Locke a heightened sense of The Island. Instead, it was the spirit of another man, one who was introduced to viewers in the first five minutes of the show in a flashback but was never named, who had steered Locke to Jacob, with evil intentions.

I was right about Jacob appearing in flashbacks, but was off about him only being a spirit. Jacob was very much a man until the last few minutes of the episode, when Ben stabbed him and Locke/Spirit Bad Guy kicked him into a fire.

I hope Jacob returns in some capacity for season six. I want to know more about his backstory.

4) Once The Incident happens, memories will be wiped clean.

This is something viewers won’t know until next season. I’ve given this a bit of thought since the show ended the other night. I don’t know if it’s possible for the characters to have their slates wiped clean.

I think, once the Oceanic survivors are transported back to their previous lives, everything they’ll have learned in the three years (1974-77 for Sawyer and Juliet, 2004-07 for Jack, Kate, et al) will remain intact and shape how they approach things moving forward.

I’m going to assume I was wrong about this, but there’s no way of knowing until next season. Better yet, I’ll make a new prediction here and just state that I was wrong about this and hope the characters keep the memories they formed in the three years in alternative realities.

5) Characters who, to this point, have shown no ulterior motives, will have been on one side (or another) of the war between Ben Linus and Charles Widmore

I came up with the prediction as a means to explain why Hurley came back to the Island and what Richard Alpert’s motives may have been.

Instead, we found that only one character had an ulterior motive, and that was John Locke, who isn’t really John Locke after all.

So while I was right that a character would show some ulterior motive in the season finale, but I was targeting the wrong characters.

Predictions for Season Six

1) “The War”

Now, I’m beginning to believe that the “war” that Charles Widmore alluded to isn’t necessarily between he and Ben Linus.

Perhaps instead, the war is between Jacob and the Nameless Man in Black (NMIB). Perhaps Widmore has aligned himself with NMIB, and convinced Locke to tell the off-Island survivors they need to return as part of a nefarious plan to seize control of the Island.

Why would Widmore be on the side of NMIB?

When he was on the Island in the past, he was never the leader. In the 1950s, as a man in his late teens/early 20s, he took orders from Richard Alpert it appeared. In the season finale, it was revealed by Alpert that Eloise Hawking was the leader of The Others.

Widmore never had control of The Others, never had that direct line to Jacob. When Widmore’s directions regarding the execution of baby Alexandra were called into question by Ben, Ben referred to Jacob. Widmore flinched. Ben won.

Widmore’s obsession with The Island (collecting artifacts, trying to get back) is comprehensive. He wants what others seemingly always had, which is similar to NMIB wanting to kill Jacob, but needing to find a loophole to do so.

Both Widmore and NMIB use John Locke as a vessel to achieve the same end: sieze control.

So which side is Ben on? He was faithful to Jacob for 35 years (his line, not mine). Then, at the urging of NMIB/Locke, Ben killed Jacob. It would appear that Ben would be on the same side as Widmore, just based on the result at the end of the season finale.

However, things aren’t always as they appear. At some point in season six, we’ll probably get a flashback showing us more about what happened when Ben went to The Temple after he was shot by Sayid in 1977. Perhaps Jacob cures him there, and they form an unshakable bond.

It’s apparent that Ilana and Richard Alpert are on Jacob’s side, since they share the knowledge of the secret code (What lies in the shadow of the statue?), and since they were both alarmed at the sight of Locke’s body in the metal case Ilana’s men were toting around the Island.

Ben and Richard worked together for decades. My sense is that they are on the same side, even though Richard appointed Locke as the man to succeed Ben as leader. Maybe sometime in season six, Richard acknowledges his mistake and Ben reclaims his throne.

Who else will be on Jacob’s side? Everyone he literally touched earlier in their lives: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Jin. When they all reunite in the present, they’ll come back with an understanding that they will fight to save the Island from the corruptors, NMIB/Locke and Widmore.

It looks like a one-sided battle. The Others, plus the Oceanic folks, vs. Locke and Widmore?

Well, remember that Widmore imported mercenaries to The Island last season to find Ben Linus. Who’s to say there isn’t another set of mercenaries at his disposal?

2) Juliet and Sayid: Do they live or do they die?

I believe they both live. Sayid will take part in “The War.” Juliet will wind up off the Island since she was not touched by Jacob at any point in time, therefore, she was not chosen to take part in defending him or his ideals.

3) Claire? Desmond?

Claire’s fate will be explained. My prediction is that NMIB inhabits her body, but he doesn’t think using Claire as a vessel will allow him to get close enough to Jacob to see him get killed by another’s hand. So, when Locke is brought back to The Island, NMIB ditches Claire.

Desmond is the key to the whole show. If detonating Jughead is indeed The Incident, Jack and company will need Desmond to prevent the Oceanic 815 crash from ever happening. If the Jughead detonation wipes the Oceanic 815 crash clean, Desmond still winds up on The Island (because he shipwrecked there), and his storyline changes dramatically. Perhaps he winds up as an Other. Perhaps he winds up helping NMIB and his prospective father in law, Widmore.

Either way, if there is no hatch and no button to push for him, then Desmond is just stranded on the Island. He’s away from Penny, and there is no little Charlie, but there would be a lot of hate aimed at Jack and company, especially if Desmond is able to recall his other reality. His fate is tied directly to what happened in the closing moments of the season five finale.

I’m hoping Desmond’s life doesn’t change much. My gut feeling? Desmond’s fighting for NMIB and Widmore, because Jughead blew up his life with Penny he had off The Island, and he’ll want to get back at Jack and company.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.


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