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“24” Season Finale Predictions

Posted by Andrew Zercie on May 18, 2009

The seventh (!) season of “24” comes to a close tonight, and I’m torn as to what I think of this season.

Clearly, the show has embraced the idea of throwing plausibility out the window and just doing straight-ahead action.

Tony Alemdia is back from the dead? And he’s bad?

My first thought on this was that it was going to be awful. How is Tony’s return going to be explained? Why in the world would he be an adversary to Jack?

Instead, I’ve adjusted to the ridiculousness of Tony’s return by embracing the increased explosions and car chases that have covered up shoddy storytelling. Season 7 has worked, by and large. While I enjoyed the show more in previous seasons because it involved some thinking and careful watching for twists and turns, the action this season was the best it’s ever been.

Still, there’s a part of me that enjoyed the “real time” aspect of things. Also, in the past, if you missed an episode you may have missed something important. Now, the first five minutes of each episode is almost like a review of what’s taken place. It’s like ’24’ for Dummies, at times.

Enough lamenting. Here are some predictions for tonight’s finale:

1) Jack Bauer’s fate (does he live or die?) is the cliffhanger.

Just about every season of “24” ends with a cliffhanger. This year will be no different.

Jack Bauer was infected by a deadly pathogen several episodes ago and has been steadily taking shots to calm the effects of it. To this point, it has been revealed on the show that there is no known cure for the pathogen. If we are to believe the events to this point, Bauer will die.

However, the Bauer character has survived other predicaments to make it through seven seasons of the show. A little killer pathogen is going to stop him now?


His fate will hang in the balance tonight. The writers and producers will make us sweat a bit. In the end though, come next season, we’ll see Jack Bauer again.

2) The bad guys have the cure for the pathogen.

See where I’m going with this? The US government wouldn’t know of a cure because they didn’t develop the weaponized version of the virus. The bad guys did.

Jack will wind up with the bad guys at some point, probably close to the final few minutes of the show tonight, and we will learn that they do indeed have an antidote to the pathogen.

Jack will be faced with a choice: take the cure and work for the bad guys, and live to see/care for his granddaugther, or die.

That’s how the “will he live or die” cliffhanger will be presented to us.

3) Kim Bauer (finally!) dies.

Every time I see Kim Bauer, I cringe, because I know the writers are “Going to the Well” again. Kim Bauer has been the Damsel in Distress on “24” countless times, and in her return to the show again late in this season, that character once again finds herself in a predicament.

Only this time, something goes wrong. She makes a play for a gun, a gun goes off accidentally…something happens. Kim will die, leaving her husband and daughter behind.

After Kim dies, Jack will learn he has a granddaughter (something he does not know yet). Once this is revealed to him, after Kim dies, it will make the choice detailed in prediction #2 that much more difficult.

4) Tony reveals that his group really isn’t so bad after all.

Tony Almedia hates the government. That much, we know. We also know he claimed to be working undercover with Bill Buchanan and Chloe O’Brian to take down the first set of bad guys, from the fictional African nation of Sangala.

In the last 4-5 episodes, Tony’s been a bad boy again. Tonight, however, we’ll learn that he and the group he works for has proof that the government is the bad guys, and they’re trying to counteract whatever the government is doing, setting up a season 8 showdown of some sort.

5) Tony will die. For good. Not coming back a second time.

Jack will learn more about the group Tony is working with and determine for himself they may be on to something, but not until Tony suffers a tragic fate.

I make these predictions without prior knowledge of what happens on tonight’s show. I may be completely wrong. I admit, this is all in fun. Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to the two-hour finale!


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