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LOST Season Finale Predictions

Posted by Andrew Zercie on May 12, 2009

Each of the last five years, the night of the season finale of “LOST” has brought me both excitement and disappointment.

Excitement, to see how the writers and producers of the show stretch the mythology of The Island and the characters that inhabit it.

Disappointment because, after the finale, it will be several months until the best show on television is back on.

The fifth season of “LOST” has been memorable, but needs to go out with a bang, I think. And based on the show’s title “The Incident,” one would think that viewers will witness an important and possibly violent event that affects The Dharma Initiative and The Island.

Before you read on, I don’t have a lot of spoilers or inside information about the season five finale. I’m a fan of the show, but I have no connections. I read some things here and there, but have stayed away from learning too much about this year’s finale. For full disclosure, here’s what I do know:

–an actor has been cast to play the role of “Jacob,” the much-discussed Island entity that The Others seem to answer to.

–a main character will supposedly die.

–viewers will see some of the main characters as children in flashbacks. I don’t know which ones, nor do I want to know.

–Juliet, Kate and Sawyer, last seen on a submarine headed off The Island, find their way back onto The Island for the finale.

–Rose and Bernard, absent for much of season five, return in some capacity. It’s not known if it’s on The Island or in a flashback (or flash forward, or flash sideways) of some kind.

Besides these tidbits, I go into the finale blind, and the predictions below will probably reflect that. If I get even one of these right, I’ll be surprised. Anyway, here goes:

1) Whatever happened, happens, because Destiny Calls

If you follow the show, you know what I mean. The tagline for the show’s season premiere was “Destiny Calls.” The Oceanic 6, exempting Turniphead Aaron, made their way back to The Island, using Eloise Hawking’s Window of Opportunity. Destiny Called, and she answered.

Everything that happened so far this season was meant to happen.

It is unknown what The Incident, actually is. It could be physical warfare between The Others and The Dharma Initiative. It could be Jack, Sayid, Eloise and Richard Alpert detonating Jughead. There’s no way of knowing. But whatever happened before will happen again. The event will not change, despite the best laid plans of Jack and Co., and whatever happens to everyone on The Island was meant to happen.

2) Desmond will return and set things right, by dying.

We’ve not seen the last of Desmond Hume, mark my words. He can see the future. He has time-jumped. He is (or was?) Daniel Faraday’s constant. In fact, Faraday believes Desmond is the exception to the rule that the future can not be changed. I believe Desmond will get back to The Island for the finale.

This season, viewers saw the early stages of The Hatch, as the Dharma Initiative was building it in 1977. It was Desmond who turned the emergency key that imploded The Hatch in season 2. It was Desmond being away from his post that caused Oceanic 815 to crash.

If Jack’s group is unsuccessful at changing the course of the future, Desmond could take it upon himself to change the course of history by sacrificing himself. If he’s not there to flee his post, Oceanic 815 may not crash, The Hatch may not implode, etc. Plus, it gives new weight to Desmond’s famous saying, “See you in another life, brothah.”

3) Jacob was a man, and is now a spirit. A spirit that will inhabit the body of John Locke.

It’s a little kooky, I know. But there has to be a reason why we’ve heard of Jacob for three seasons now, but have yet to see him.

I know the producers of the show have cast an actor to play the role of Jacob, but perhaps he will only appear in flashbacks. This would be a great curveball, preserving the mythology of Jacob as a spirit, while explaining why the role was cast.

Since returning to The Island, John Locke is a changed man. Benjamin Linus and Richard Alpert have both taken notice. Locke seems more in tune with The Island than ever. Perhaps Jacob the Holy Spirit is looking for a resurrected body to inhabit and resume a more physical role of leader of The Others? Locke fits the bill.

4) Once The Incident happens, memories will be wiped clean.

I envision a scenario where the final few minutes of season five shows us Jack waking up on The Island, unaware of where he is, or how he got there. He gets up, looks around, and finds that he is not alone. He sees several men and women around him, characters we as viewers are familiar with of course, but he doesn’t know who they are.

This would, of course, lead right into season six, where the Oceanic 815 survivors and The Others are now one in the same, in a time unknown to us or them, where the famous four-toed statue is in full view. Jack and all these familiar (to us) faces, become The Island’s natives.

Crazy scenario, I know. But, if there is a change in time, one would think it would affect memories, no?

Last one, I promise:

5) Characters who, to this point, have shown no ulterior motives, will have been on one side (or another) of the war between Ben Linus and Charles Widmore

I’m thinking of folks like Richard Alpert and Hurley specifically. Alpert has never tipped his hand. He is loyal to Jacob, that much we know. But he knows The Others. He knows Widmore. He knows Ben. Somewhere along the way, he had to have developed an alleigance of some kind.

Hurley wanted no part of going back to The Island, but seemed to be a willing participant when he boarded the Ajira flight to Guam and bought nearly 100 extra seats to keep innocents off the flight, knowing full well where the plane was really headed. Somone must have gotten Hurley to believe that going back was in his best interests somehow.

Perhaps it was someone from Widmore’s camp, since Hurley seemed dead set against having anything to do with Ben. Or, perhaps Hurley has been loyal to Ben for some time, and has conned his friends (and us viewers) all season long. Either way, Hurley’s there for a reason, and it’s not to re-write the script to “The Empire Strikes Back.” We’ll find out why.

That’s what I think could happen in the finale of “LOST.” Feel free to share your thoughts.


One Response to “LOST Season Finale Predictions”

  1. Ross said

    I can’t wait to see the season finale tonight!! It is going to be so intense.. Check out these predictions some of them are pretty good..

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