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Kids Do the Darndest Things: Sharing Earbuds

Posted by Andrew Zercie on April 30, 2009

I’m not a germaphobe by any means, but I believe it’s important to adhere to certain habits. One should always wash their hands after using the bathroom, for instance. Bathing or showering on a regular basis is nice, too. These habits seem pretty basic, and most individuals tend to follow them.

I guess I’m pretty conservative when it comes to other things regarding the body though. For instance, sharing ear buds with someone when listening to an iPod.

Let the record reflect that this is not something I personally worry about: I don’t own an iPod.

However, I see kids here at school commonly engaging in this practice. One will have his or her iPod out, they’ll hear a song, and they’ll share their earbuds with the person next to them. The person will put the thing in their ear, and then the two will sit and listen for a good stretch of time.

This just grosses me out completely. The idea of sharing something that one puts in their ear is a little weird. Compounding that though, is the ready acceptance of the other person. They just seem oblivious to the idea that the earbud they’re putting in their own ear is regularly in someone else’s ear! How does the person know that the individual they’re getting the earbud from cleans out their ears regularly? How do they know the person isn’t coming down with something?

Maybe I am a germaphobe after all. I don’t know. What do you think?


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