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The Week That Was

Posted by Andrew Zercie on April 10, 2009

It’s been a pretty busy week for me at work. Next week projects to be similarly busy, as do the weeks leading into early May.

The third quarter at the high school I work at ends on Monday. Grades need to be finalized by then, so I spent last night grading papers and updating my online grades for parents’ access. I had a bunch of meetings and things of that nature this week as well.

A strange happening for me: my Master’s degree arrived in the mail on Wednesday in one of those “do not fold, or the USPS will hunt you down” envelopes. Usually there is a bunch of pomp and circumstance surrounding an accomplishment of that nature, but it was kind of cool getting it in a matter-of-fact manner like that.

I must admit though, getting the Master’s in the mail felt like I spent the last 3 and a half years taking correspondence courses, which is the furthest thing from the truth. I busted my hump and I’m glad to be done.

So Wednesday, I received my Master’s in Special Education. On Thursday, on a whim, I checked my online educator license status and, to my shock and delight, a license I applied for two years ago was approved. Numerous reviews of my eligiblity took place, especially in the last academic year. Several times, items were either declared “missing” or “not received.” That’s all ancient history now though. As a result, I will be eligible to teach again in the fall, which pleases me greatly.

Besides the grades coming due, I have a couple annual reviews of students coming up. I have IEP progress reports to write in the coming week. I have a summer school curriculum to start planning. I won’t be updating the blog on a daily basis, I don’t think. I am grateful to those who read almost daily, however. Thanks to you both. Please keep it up, and pass along that there’s this great little blog out there that you read.


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