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Pet Peeve: “24” Season Eight Press Release

Posted by Andrew Zercie on March 29, 2009

Devoted followers of the hit TV action-drama, “24,” are fully aware that the Jack Bauer character was exposed to an unknown airborne biological weapon in last Monday’s episode. Previews of this week’s upcoming episode lead viewers to believe that the biological weapon that Bauer came into contact with has no cure.

In this, the seventh season of “24,” it appeared that the Bauer character may have finally found out what his expiration date was…or so we were led to believe.

Just one day after the show aired, a press release circulated around the Internet stating that Kiefer Sutherland, who brings Jack Bauer to life, was returning for an 8th season in 2009-2010.

Any suspense that the writers of the show worked to create for this week’s episode immediately vanished. Jack’s back next season, so clearly he’s not in any real peril this year. Thanks! Way to go! If I wanted to, I could turn off the TV now, knowing Bauer will return next season!

Stuff like this drives me nuts. Granted, the idea of the Bauer character being killed off is laughable because of all the brushes with death that he’s managed to survive over the years. But for the first time in several seasons, it appeared that Bauer’s life was truly in jeopardy.

Regardless of this gaffe by FOX, I’m watching the show on Monday night. The poor timing of the press release only diminishes some of the surprise, it takes nothing away from the action and the pacing that makes the show a must-watch for me week after week.


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