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Love This Time of Year

Posted by Andrew Zercie on March 14, 2009

In terms of sports, this is my favorite time of year. I know lots of people get charged up for the Super Bowl. Some people really enjoy the Daytona 500. Then, there’s the World Series, the NBA Finals, and many other events that draw significant interest.

But the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament, and then Opening Day in baseball, is the best time of year for sports, in my opinion. It helps that winter melts away, spring blossoms, and the activities move from inside to outside.

Where I live, it’s 55 degrees right now. The weather is cooperating. Maybe this is the weekend I fire up the grill and give the the spatula and tongs a workout. I’ve already spent some time outside this morning, and I imagine I’ll be back outside in a while. Looking forward to it.

And I’m also highly anticipating the release of the brackets tomorrow for the Tournament. I’ll provide some reaction to the brackets tomorrow night, along with my Final Four picks. Then, as spring training winds down, I will provide some analysis of the upcoming season in MLB. I’ll also put some fantasy baseball sleepers up here in the coming days, too.

I’ve had more readers than ever this week, and I appreciate all the page views. I’ll keep writing if you all keep reading (and spead the word, if you feel like it). Enjoy the weekend and take it easy.


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